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Volunteers of the national movement "I'm living healthy, too! SETS" delivered 95 open lessons in schools, promoting exercise and a balanced nutrition

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Bucharest, May 19th 2014: May represents the highpoint for the national movement „I’m living healthy, too” – SETS, in terms of school interventions based on internationally acknowledged methodologies. 95 open lessons were thus delivered by the volunteers of the PRAIS Foundation and were animated by the dedicated voluntary students within the National University of Physical Education and Sports in Bucharest (UNEFS) and the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports in Cluj – acting as genuine examples for children. 


Over 5,600 pupils registered in I-IV grades and 240 members of the teaching staff took part in the open lessons delivered in the 27 selected schools from Bucharest and Cluj Napoca.


„Creating a boost of energy and vitality, 100 voluntary students from UNEFS in Bucharest and FEFS Cluj introduced to pupils the benefits a balanced nutrition has on a healthy body and mind and engaged them in sports games specially created for extracurricular activities. The young sportsmen added skillful demonstrations to all this. Good spirits and the personal example constituted a strong motivation for children and encouraged them to exercise and consider sports as a source of health and fun during leisure time” declared Silvia Bucur, President of the PRAIS Foundation, initiator of SETS.


„UNEFS has been supporting the SETS project for 4 years, as a dedicated partner, directly promoting the benefits of exercising among pupils in the primary education cycle. The involvement of the voluntary students in this project contributes to the promotion of mass sports and a healthy lifestyle among children, by providing them with social role models to follow. Sports develop certain physical and social qualities, for which reason we encourage and support this national movement”, declared Prof. Viorel Cojocaru, PhD, chancellor of the National University of Physical Education and Sport in Bucharest.


Every year, the most active 15 volunteers from UNEFS are rewarded by the PRAIS Foundation within a ceremony organized under the national movement.


SETS movement is part of Epode International Network – EIN, the largest global network dedicated to prevent obesity, bringing together 36 programs with similar methodologies in 24 countries including: France, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Australia and New Zeeland, within which the SETS movement is an active member. The EIN network, of which SETS is a member, was designated by DG SANCO as „Best Health Promotion European project”, while the physical education interventions within the „I’m living healthy too!” – SETS movement were appraised as a good practice example.


The open lessons complete the series of activities developed by the voluntary pupils within SETS Clubs – Movement and Fun, a new concept combining education and play which was initiated in schools. Over 10,000 pupils have signed up so far on so as to participate in the annual competitions organized within the most active SETS Clubs.


Since its launch, SETS has integrated in Romania over 94.500 pupils registered in the primary education cycle in 252 schools in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Roman, 3,000 members of the teaching staff and over 200,000 parents and 2 million – audience. The portal of the movement – registers over 77,000 visitors, while the SETS Facebook page – totals at this moment over 28,400 friends.


The partners of the SETS movement are: Ministry of Health, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Youth and Sports, School Directorates in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Neamţ, Cluj-Napoca City Hall, the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports in Cluj, the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee, the Federation of Athletic Sports in Romania, the National University of Physical Education and Sports in Bucharest, the Romanian Federation for Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Disorders, the Romanian Society for Nutrition, the Romalimenta Federation with the support of 5 member companies and Carrefour.


PRAIS Foundation was founded 11 years ago by the company PRAIS Corporate Communications. Its mission is to promote access to education and resources, a healthy lifestyle, care for nature and sustainable economy, focusing on the young generation. The 15 national social marketing programs the foundation has created and developed so far, within communities, will soon be followed by other far-reaching projects.



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