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Happy SETS Day: Over 1,800 volunteer pupils awarded within the national movement "I'm living healthy, too! -SETS"

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The third annual edition of the national movement for the prevention of child obesity and promotion of a balanced lifestyle among Romanian families – “I’m living healthy too!” – SETS ended with a special event dedicated to children, which took place on the Iolanda Balas Soter stadium in the capital, under aegis of “Happy SETS Day”.


The core moment of the event was the ceremony awarding the most active SETS Clubs – Entertainment and Sport in Bucharest, with the participation of Gabriela Szabo, Ambassador of the SETS movement and the Minister of Youth and Sports and other officials on behalf of PRAIS Foundation partner institutions and organizations, both public and private.


The 1,800 volunteer pupils, members of the teaching staff and parents present on the stadium celebrated alongside the PRAIS Foundation team and the founding partners, the winning of the 6 SETS trophies at stake for this edition – one for each sector. The event featured a live broadcast, on the Youtube channel of SETS.


An innovation of the SETS movement, the Movement and Fun Clubs, are put into practice every year by volunteer pupils helped by their teachers, within the schools they attend. The Clubs, as well as all the actions organized within it throughout the school year, are subscribed on the platform, and thus automatically signed up in the final competition. Throughout the 4 years of this program’s existence, over 11.500 pupils volunteered in the 280 SETS Clubs, undertaking 4,770 physical activities, essential in association with a balanced diet, for the healthy development of children.


„It is of utmost importance for the future of our nation to ensure the young generation the premises of a harmonious development, providing access to various sports. As with every year, more children are volunteering to exercise within the national movement SETS, we can only be proud of them and continue to support them”, declared Gabriela Szabo, ambassador of the SETS movement and Minister of Youth and Sports.  


Since its launch, SETS has reached out to over 94,500 pupils registered in the primary education cycle in 252 schools in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Roman, 3,000 members of the teaching staff and over 200,000 parents, 2 million – in audience. In addition to the first-hand interventions in schools, the SETS national movement built the public information portal dedicated to both parents and their children –, registering over 77,000 visitors, and its own social media platform (containing SETS pages and Facebook – over 28,600 friends, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram accounts). The following SETS edition will be launched in the fall, once the new school year 2014 – 2015 begins.


„The internationally renowned SETS movement, initiated by PRAIS Foundation, has succeeded to contribute to the prevention of child obesity and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle in 3 large communities for 4 years. We are grateful to the thousands of volunteers, our institutional and private partners, supporting us within the alliance for values advocating for an essential social cause”, declared Silvia Bucur, General Manager of PRAIS Foundation, initiator of SETS movement.


The SETS movement is part of EPODE International Network – EIN, the world’s largest obesity prevention network, reuniting 36 programs with similar methodologies in 24 countries. The EIN network which includes SETS was appointed by DG SANCO as „Best Health promotion European project”, while the interventions implemented through SETS promoting exercising are internationally acknowledged as a good practice example.


The partners of the SETS movement are: The Ministry of Health, the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, School Directorates in Bucharest, Cluj and Neamt, Cluj-Napoca City Hall, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports in Cluj, the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee, the Romanian Athletic Federation, the National University of Physical Education and Sports in Bucharest, the Romanian Federation for Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic disorders, the Romanian Society for Nutrition, the Romalimenta Federation through the support of 5 member companies and Carrefour.


PRAIS Foundation was established 11 years ago by PRAIS Corporate Communications Company. Its mission is to promote access to education and resources for the young generation, healthy lifestyle, care for nature, sustainable economy. The 15 social marketing national programs, based on the community, created and developed so far, will be followed by other wide projects.



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General Manager PRAIS Foundation
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Annex 1 


Winners SETS Movement and Fun Clubs:




District 1 – the Sport is Fun Club, Scoala Mea.

Winner for the third time in a row, the club coordinated by M�d�lina Preda registers 79 members and initiated 38 activities throughout this school year.


District 2 –Sportis Club, Gymnasium School no. 62.

SPORTIS, led by teacher Camelia Ilinca, is for the fourth time the winner of the SETS trophy. This year, the 295 children-members carried out 175 activities.


District 3 –Campionii M Club, Gymnasium School “Mihai Viteazul”.

Winner for the third year, the club coordinated by Ilinca Eugenia initiated 20 activities and registers 447 members.


District 4 –Ozone Club, Gymnasium School 99.

The 180 children coordinated by Luciana Pascu and Daniela Dumitrescu put into practice 23 physical and fun activities throughout this school year. Ozone wins for the second time the SETS trophy.


District 5 –Cocoseii Voinicei Club, Gymnasium School „Mircea Santimbreanu".

A first time winner of the trophy, the club registers 401 members and carried out 29 activities, under the coordination of teacher Cristina Daniela Neagu.


District 6 –Sportivii Activi Club, Gymnasium School “Constantin Brâncusi”.

For the fourth time the winner, the club coordinated by teachers Cornelia Bataus and Daniela Tuicu gathered 419 members and rolled out 92 activities.


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